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$79 for unlimited yoga and pilates.

$89 for monthly unlimited circuit training, TBC, and cycle core spin classes.

Both include gym membership at no extra cost!


Cycle Core (Spin)
High energy interval class that finishes on the floor with some core stability exercises. Come out and have some fun! Morning Series: Wednesday at 6am. Evening Series: Thursday at 6pm. Taught by our excellent Personal Trainer, Jenn Wright! Bring a water bottle and a towel and be prepared for a good calorie burn!

Wednesday at 6:00 am
Thursday at 6:30 pm

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Morning Circuit

Fun, challenging and cost effective group training sessions. A creative variety of strength and conditioning circuit training to keep things interesting and give a full body workout. Research from Oxford's Institute of Cognitive and Evolutionary Anthropology states that group training releases more endorphin which results in a greater effort and therefore results than training solo (Jan. 2011).
Tuesday and Thursday at 6:00 am

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Total Body Conditioning

Full body workout that incorporates both strength and cardiovascular training. All levels welcome. Bring a towel, water and lots of energy!

Friday at 6:00 am

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Pilates is a mind body exercise that is great for people of all ages. Come improve your core strengthen, flexibility, and posture! We will be using mats and small props such as flex-bands and fitness circles to balancing the entire body.
By focusing on abdominal strength and postural alignment, the exercises are designed to restore the natural curves of the spine and stabilize the muscles around the joints. Get into shape with this intelligent exercise created in collaboration with physiotherapists and athletic therapists.

Monday at 7:00 pm
Saturday at 9:30 am

*If you own a mat, please bring it along

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Stretch and Flow Yoga

All levels welcome. A fun, creative yoga class to get you energized as well as help you relax. Focused on aligning the body with the breath, releasing tension, and building strength and flexibility. Modifications are taught and encouraged. Poses can be as challenging or as gentle as you want. Each class is tailored to the individual needs of those present.

Saturday at 8:30 am
Thursday at 12:10-12:45 pm

Special Noon Hour rate of $7

*If you own a mat, please bring it along

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