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Cycle Core (Spin)
High energy interval class that finishes on the floor with some core stability exercises. Come out and have some fun! Morning Series: Wednesday at 6am. Evening Series: Thursday at 6pm. Taught by our excellent Personal Trainer, Jenn Wright! Bring a water bottle and a towel and be prepared for a good calorie burn!

Wednesday at 6:00 am
Thursday at 6:00 pm


Morning Circuit

Fun, challenging and cost effective group training sessions. A creative variety of strength and conditioning circuit training to keep things interesting and give a full body workout. Research from Oxford's Institute of Cognitive and Evolutionary Anthropology states that group training releases more endorphin which results in a greater effort and therefore results than training solo (Jan. 2011).
Tuesday and Thursday at 6:00 am





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Just you, your mat, and a few small props. Gravity acts as the resistance. The classical sequence of mat pilates exercises works your whole body with the focus of movement coming from your core. We begin by moving the spine in flexion first then progressing to spinal extension, twisting and rotation, and lateral side bending. No body part is neglected in mat. We will move from our center focusing on our breathe, concentrating to move with precision, control and fluidity.

Pilates gets your body to move in positions not often experienced in other forms of exercise so your mind gets a work out too - as you have to will your body to move!

Acceptable for all levels as modifications can be used to decrease the challenge of an exercise when needed. Please wear comfortable clothing like you would in yoga so you can stretch and move!

Tuesday at 7pm
*If you own a mat, please bring it along


Stretch and Flow Yoga

All levels welcome. A fun, creative yoga class to get you energized as well as help you relax. Focused on aligning the body with the breath, releasing tension, and building strength and flexibility. Modifications are taught and encouraged. Poses can be as challenging or as gentle as you want. Each class is tailored to the individual needs of those present.

Saturday at 10:30 am
Wednesday at 7:00 pm (starting in October)

*If you own a mat, please bring it along