Our classes are the most cost-effective way to train with us at Lakeshore Fitness + Health. The group setting provides a fun, welcoming, and professional environment to train in. Progress through the periodized exercise programs with the support and coaching from your peers and our trainers.

A common fitness path that clients take here at Lakeshore Fitness + Health is to start with 1-on-1 training or in a small group to get coached up to a level where you would thrive, to experience optimal training benefits, in a larger group setting.

Our “Leave no person guessing” mentality provides our clients with clear instructions, defined objectives and appropriate advice for each exercise in the hope of mastery by the client. 

Certain class packages include membership for its duration. For example, a 24-session class package will include a 3-month membership to the gym. Although the membership that is included in certain class packages may time out, the classes will have up to one year to complete. 

Please call or e-mail us to book a free consult or to inquire about our classes.


Introduction to Strength + Conditioning


The purpose of this class is to introduce our clients to the basics of weight training and conditioning to improve all aspects of their fitness such as, their aerobic and anaerobic capacity, strength and power development of your upper and lower body, speed development, coordination and range of motion in movement. In other words you will learn, master and progress from simpler to more complex exercises with the intention of improving your physical ability and health. As your body adapts to the training demands of these programs you may experience less chronic pains/aches from everyday life, less shortness of breath, improved and injury free physical performance in your work and recreation/sport.


Lets Start Spinning 


The purpose of this class is to increase our client's anaerobic capacity (ability to work at higher heart rates for a shorter duration) and to strengthen their core. Varying interval training on spin bikes and specific core exercises are the tools used to achieve this classes' objectives. Improvements in our client's anaerobic capacity and core strength will be determined by a lower resting heart rate, better Wingate performance, improved mCAFT score, and a longer pain-free plank time. This class is for anyone at any fitness level.




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