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Huan Pham


Complimentary CSEP fitness appraisal with purchase ($100 value)

Our training focus is to improve the physical fitness of our clients and athletes to meet the optimal levels determined by the Canadian Society for Exercise Physiology (CSEP). On the journey to reach your new level of fitness you will be coached on exercise form, movement patterns, and the various exercise principles used to achieve your goals.


Ten one-hour personal training sessions: $350


Can be split between partners!


Introduction to Strength + Conditioning


The purpose of this class is to introduce you to the basics of weight training and conditioning to improve your anaerobic capacity, strength/power development, speed development, movement, and flexibility. In simpler words you will learn, master and progress from simpler to more complex exercises with the intention of improving your athletic performance. As your body adapts to the training demands of this program you may experience less chronic pains/aches from everyday life, you won't find yourself as winded, and improved, injury free physical performance in your work and recreation/sport.


Lets Start Spinning 


The purpose of this class is to increase your anaerobic capacity (ability to work at higher heart rates for a shorter duration) and to strengthen your core. Improvements in your anaerobic capacity and core strength will be determined by a lower resting heart rate, better wingate performance and a longer pain free plank time. This class is for anyone at any fitness level.